HERACLIS – The historic ice cream of Cyprus

Antonia Skaraki

Athens, Greece

The parrot; A symbol of the family-owned business in Nicosia that has been serving ice cream to young and old since 1939. Grandpa Hercules’ colorful parrot was chosen as a vehicle to bridge the past with the future in the same manner the ice cream shop does.

To reinforce the image of the small family business we reintroduced to the brand typographical and visual elements that adorned it in the past, all the while communicating a sense of care, quality and safety.

The minimal design forms an image that brings the historical aspects of the brand, along with its place in the hearts of the young and old in Nicosia, to the forefront. This is achieved through the vintage typography and color palette of the brand, along with the minimalistic depiction of the parrot, in line with a visual language younger generations are accustomed to.

The visual language described above presents itself in the packaging, by being boldly present in a manner that allows the parrot to act as the protagonist in its environment.


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Antonia Skaraki

Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Antonia Skaraki
Graphic Designer: Alexandros Tsakiris
Graphic Designer: Andreas Deskas