Loacker Patisserie


Via Albenga, 78, 10098 Rivoli TO, Italia


The journey to discover the new Loacker system pack continues: is time for the Patisserie, a refined and layered recipe for this specialty, plus available in several flavors. Starting with the range naming to the graphic and visual design, we chose to tell on many levels, of the sought-after deliciousness of these Loacker’s Patisserie pastries.


We have divided the pack into two parts to unify whilst also diversifying the range’s multitude of expressions. The new brand and the new naming are placed on a cream-colored background especially contemplated to identify the range. The product image along with the characterizing element is placed on a color setting that identifies the flavor.


The exquisite stratification between the two wafers, always clearly visible, plays a leading role in the differentiation of the characterizing ingredient, then enhanced by detailed photography: the hazelnuts and the cacao curls of the Creme Noisette Patisserie, the coconut and the creamy  Alpine milk’s streaks of the White Coconut Patisserie, last but not least the orange rids and cocoa’s decorations of the Noir Orange Patisserie. All images have been realized in collaboration with Studio +Luce.


The system pack recognizability is maintained within the varying formats and for the several existing intake occurrences as well: we have the vertical adaptation with individually wrapped pastries and the Patisserie Snack to be enjoyed all at once if you may and easy to take with you on the go.