Via Albenga, 78, 10098 Rivoli TO, Italia

CONVIV MILANO: Italy’s Alcohol Free Spirit.


A recent start-up chosen by the Bocconi Unversity’s Accelleration Program, a trailblazing idea that follows the latest mixology mocktails’ trend, a symbol of the real made in Italy. Such are the indistinguisable charateristics of the new Conviv project,  Spider can proudly say to have developed their box and label design. It talks not only to teetotals, but to people that chose not to drink alcohol as well, athletes, pregnant women, who is following a specific diet, drivers etc…

The graphic design has been inspired by Conviv’s exclusive recipe: two natural infusions formulated as non-alcoholic groundworks to offer a variant of choice worthy of the best spirits.  It introduces a new kind of conviviality one attentive to people well-being, (few calories, only natural elements made in Italy) and without giving up the finess of its flavor (artfully blended, processing of raw materials by hand, 30 days infusion).
The high level care for details is mirrored onto the pack, which is rich of botanical decorations, elegant and fresh, embossed with a magnificent painting.

The packaging has been developed to transmit Conviv’s distinctivness and sophistication, a real overturn in the world of mixology, so much so that it helped form the mocktail’s craze growing trend by relying on natural excellences made in Italy. Bartenders may use Conviv as groundwork to revise or create new cocktails, or blend it with tonic water and ice: easy to use, ideal at home, beloved as gift.