Pardubický pivovar


Saddling Up with Beer

At Cocoon, we created a premium packaging design and identity for a Czech beer that has unique origins and a noble character.

Czech beer brands have strong potential to perform well in the premium segment of export markets. They must be noticed by consumers, of course, so a strong brand identity and quality packaging aid in standout. Our task for Pardubický pivovar was to develop an attractive and relevant brand identity supporting the noble origins and unique character and taste profile of the beers from the Pardubice brewery. This was achieved through the creation of the logo and other primary identity elements, differentiation between individual types of beer, naming, creation of communicational visuals, and construction of an overall presentation style. Last but not least, we had to prepare the precise artwork and supervise the printing process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Nobility exists within people and beer and, of course, in horses. It’s no coincidence that Pardubický pivovar has a horse in their symbol. It has symbolized the city of Pardubice since the middle ages and has gained even more meaning ever since the first famous horse race „Velká Pardubická Steeplechase“ was organized in 1836. Inspired by these nobleanimals,Pardubický pivovar’s beers have been named after some of the great winners of this race – Sagar, Brigand and Fantome. We have aimed to keep that special momentum and aristocratic spirit in all key visuals to evoke the feeling of witnessing an extraordinary experience.

As for a few details on the crafted labels, the three horse champions’ names have been selected with the aim of underlining the profile of the three unique recipes. The logotype for each SKU is designed with elegance and a high-class feeling in heart. The label colours are premium and aligned with the type of beer. On the top, they are “carpeted” with a crafted pattern resembling noble wallpapers. The whole layout is crowned with the brewery crest, accented with a confident red colour. In the overall design we aimed to capture the noble origin of the brand from the traditional brewery while still maintaining a simple, contemporary look.



Design Director: Martynas Birskys
Creative Director: Karolina Belohlavkova
Designers: Marcin Szewczyk, Sasha Sharavarau
Account Director : Ana Maselli
Account Manager : Lenka Kudejova
Strategist : Jakub Plasek
Visualizer : Petr Ludvik
Photographer: Jose Sabino Jr.
Artworker: Robert Special
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