Yutto. A loveable resident of any pantry


A loveable resident of any pantry

Yutto is another member of the private label family of Rohlík’s e-grocery store. This brand includes healthy dry food products like varieties of nuts, cereals and more. As the portfolio of private labels keeps on growing, designing their packaging becomes more and more challenging.

However, challenges are always the best part! There is a lot to consider: how to expand on the DNA of the Rohlík brand and all of the private labels, how to stand out in the specific e-comm environment, how to trigger an emotional link with consumers, how to be memorable, how to be taste-appealing and category-relevant, yet different, how to create a functional design applicable to a wide variety of formats, product types and even packaging technologies and materials. And within all of this, how to still bring something new, fun and loveable?!! We are confident to say that with Yutto, it all clicked and fell into place.

So who is Yutto – the character who we built our design around? We like to present him as a cheeky chipmunk; a fella who is a welcome guest of any pantry and household. He is a simple illustration and a fun character which unites all the packs as a brand icon and a spokesman. But he has two extra important roles: 1.) he interacts with the product shots in a smart way, and 2.) thus helps to create a consistent layout system for holding texts, the logomark and product depiction. Steam from a frying pan, the beam from a torchlight, smoke from a basket, paint spots from a paint roller – these actions actually create a simple and consistent white triangle-shaped holding device, which also helps to define an ownable and recognizable brand look you will always easily find even in small thumbnails.

We also love seeing the character of Yutto come to life in communication on the website or in newsletters. He is also a proud participant in Bio range products with designs developed alongside another party. What makes us really happy about this specific packaging design is that it scored the best-ever results in likeability in consumer testing when compared to other design concepts. The fact that consumers love it is the best reward for Cocoon! We hope that Yutto will entertain them with his fun nature for as long as possible – because we are also NUTS about him!


Creative Director: Karolína Bělohlávková
Design Director: Evgeny Razzhivin
Designers: Evgeny Razzhivin, Sasha Sharavarau, Marcin Szewczyk, Victoria Denishchuk
Account Manager: Iveta Lysoňková
Photography: José Sabino Jr.
Visualization: Petr Ludvík
Animation: Tomáš Drábek