Canneff Green for Beauty

In 2018 Cocoon had the pleasure of designing the green Canneff subrange, which is not actually green. The challenge from the client was to create a design which is green in its promise and quality but not necessarily in the colour of the label.

The power of CBD in cosmetic products for skin health or against the marks of ageing is now well-known. Their effect has made these kinds of products popular among a broad spectrum of users. Canneff was among the first brands on our market which focused on offering premium quality cosmetic products while combining the best of nature and science. Our task was to create a face for their subrange of beauty items which use ingredients of the “greenest” origin in terms of being organic and pure.

A dark grey in an elegant, premium and warm shade became the primary colour of the range. The main design intent was to focus on purity and natural science. Because Canneff Green is proud of its ingredients, including their effect and origin, the actual product facts are what the consumer should read and see first. Therefore, detailed information and their layout – in terms of placement and intentional colour combinations – became the leading theme for the labels. The typeface for the Green range name and all the.  been carefully selected to work synergysticallyproduct info has encompassed the design. It also enables easy and immediate comprehension when reading. The typeface elevates the range’s premiumness but maintains a modern and credible look.

The design obviously needs to match the entire Canneff brand portfolio. A clean layout offers a good standout for the significant “C” icon which connects the whole Canneff product family.

Several products have been designed to set the style for an expanding portfolio. Dark brown bottles and jars were supplied by the client and made the designs look even more elegant and premium. Even the paper boxes give off a unique feeling because of the dark grey and fine text on them. So in the design’s overall look and feel, you can see power, quality, science and nature’s clean ingredients working together in perfect balance.



Designer: Emanuela Greco
Creative Director: Karolina Belohlavkova
Project Manager: Jana Raiman
Account Director: Ana Maselli
Artworker: Robert Specian
Photographer: Jose Sabino Jr.