Strong As A Dragon, Multifunctional As Cocoon Thinkers, Designers And Makers – How Astaforce is coming to Life.

What is the right format?

We knew from the very beginning that we want to differentiate our product on several levels. The first question was whether to offer our product in capsules (like many other food supplements) or other formats that would additionally improve the lives of our consumers. We’ve interviewed industry experts and consumers, which led us to a decision to go for powder soluble in water. A consumer would be able to enjoy the benefits of astaxanthin, consuming the product in liquid form, whilst keeping the hydration level up every day.

So many benefits, which one to own?

Astaxanthin, the strongest natural antioxidant – “the red gold” – offers many benefits. It has a positive effect on nails, hair, eyesight, heart, skin, joints, immunity…. and the list goes on. So what should be the one thing to focus on and build our product concept and brand around? Given the target audience and also the times the world has been going through in the past two years, the choice was made to turn everything around immunity boosting. Astaxanthin is great for immunity on its own, but we’ve decided to go even further and created an immunity-boosting cocktail that included also other immunity helping ingredients such as selen and zinc. At this point in our project, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind immunity-boosting formula in a unique format – water-soluble powder.

Astaforce identity is born.

On one hand, we’ve had a target audience that needed to perform at their best all day long, and on the other hand, there was our product, a powerful immunity-boosting drink based on the strongest natural antioxidant. Therefore, power, strength, resilience and life energy-boosting had to be reflected in the brand positioning. Our main brand archetype was the Warrior which was later executed in the verbal and visual identity of the brand. The colour of astaxanthin itself is red and, given the brand positioning, red colour was chosen as the main identity asset, along with the image of a dragon projecting strength and power.

Tremendous achievement of all Cocoon’s Thinkers, Designers, Makers

It has been an enormous adventure with 2,5 years worth of twist and turns, tastings, experiments, changes and, at the end of the day, fair share of fun. Our team of Thinkers, Designers, Makers can be righteously proud of themselves for being creative, meticulous, cooperative and hard-working. The product is currently hitting the market, right on time before the winter holidays, which means our work continues with the promotion, social media, PR and more.




Design Director: Martynas Birškys

Designer: Joe McNeil, Martynas Birškys

Creative Director: Karolína Bělohlavková

Account Manager: Iveta Lysoňková, Kristýna Štěpánková

Account Director: Petr Ungermann

Project Lead: Jiří Votruba

Strategic Planner: Jakub Plášek

Photography and video: José Sabino Jr.

Visualizer: Thibault Schubel Drévillon