г. Барнаул, Алтайский край, Россия

We were approached by the retail chain Maria-Ra with the task of creating a new visual concept and packaging for the Tuntsov brand. According to the terms of work, the old logo should remain unchanged. Different fish products are sold under this brand in the chain’s stores: from canned fish to red fish.


The main idea was to create a certain visual code, which could be immediately read by a consumer and distinguish the product among competitors. When developing the visual identity of Tuntsov products, we thought of a single stylistic design of the brand-zone and the food area. The blue plaque with sunshine conveys the idea of sea freshness. It has become an easily recognizable design element.

The image of the fish changes depending on the type of product, and the high level of detail in the picture conveys the idea of quality. The result is a unified design standard that easily fits on any packaging format and keeps the product recognizable.