Dove/Galaxy smooth chocolate rebrand


Elmwood London unfolds a new brand identity for the silkiest and smoothest chocolate we know, Dove/Galaxy.

Focused on reaffirming the indulgence credentials of the brand while harmonising the brand globally, the redesign is an invitation to all ‘pleasure-seekers’ to enjoy the silky-smooth chocolate unapologetically. Elmwood developed a new design system that leverages a fixed set of iconic assets every market understands and that all consumers can instantly recognise. Yet, this redesign still accommodates for growth and future creations.

A more distinctive ‘chocolate flow device’ overlaid with expressive silk adds a spark of vibrancy and makes flavours easier to find. The white backdrop contrasts the new assets, including a hand-crafted script word marque. A range of vibrantly coloured silks expresses the portfolio’s diversity and heroes each flavour story for endless future innovations. With this design focused on flow, silkiness, layers and contrasts, Dove/Galaxy inspires a sense of pride and shameless indulgence in the smoothest way possible.


Executive Creative Director: Andrew Lawrence
Creative Director: Craig Barnes
Design Director: Charlotte Alcock
Senior Designer: Sam Povey
Senior Designer: John Kubale
Typographer: Rachel Joy
Asset Visualisation: Future Deluxe
Asset Visualisation: Stuart Lloyd
Motion Designer: Oli Minchin
Motion Designer: Charles Agnew
Senior Account Director: Ally Tyger
Senior Account Manager: Roz Day
Client Partner: Sheila Buchet
Production Manager: Neil Reekie
Artworker: Clive London
Mars Wrigley