ABC Reserve Innovation Product


Known for its legendary “Extra Stout”, Cambodia’s #1 premium stout beer, ABC, wanted to appeal to the new generation of consumers with an innovative blend tailored to their taste and lifestyle.

The Tension

The iconic ABC Extra Stout resonated with more mature consumers seeking a strong and bold taste. To connect with the new generation of consumers craving new taste experiences and more enjoyment out of life, there was a need to create a new brew that would connect with their desires and lifestyle.

The Power

The brand expression we crafted brings together the master brand iconicity and ABC Reserve’s innovative and celebratory spirit. As an exclusive blend of both worlds, beer and whisky, ABC’s brand world leverages its exceptional taste through whisky cues – from the coppery colour and typography to the brand’s communications. Delivering this sense of excitement with a touch of mystery that the new generation seeks.



Executive Creative Director: Richard Stayte
Creative Director: Jason Braddy
Associate Creative Director: Leandro Crispim
Design Director: Kennard Pratama
Account Director: Cherie Loh
Account Director: Jackie Chen ​
New Business Director: Saurabh Singh
Visualisation: Patrick Ng
Visualisation: Stiffen Phang
Senior Designer: Pete Tong
Senior Digital Designer: Nirati Nayak
Intern Designer: Ananya Singh