EASY MEAL — healthy food


Why does the design of a health food brand have to be minimalist? And what if we combine freshness, healthiness and unsurpassed taste? Yes, this is a great idea! Let’s stop being bland and overly trendy — let’s add flavor and brightness to our brand. What came for it? Correctly! EASY MEAL!

We have created a corporate identity and packaging design for a health food store EASY MEAL. EASY MEAL is a store where you can buy healthy, low-calorie food, from ready-made soups and salads to sugar-free chocolate.

The identity is based on the corporate rich green color and bright logo. Delicious images of fresh ingredients are appetizing.

Only having meet the Easy Meal brand at any touchpoint, the consumer immediately understands that this is not only healthy food, but also very tasty! Well, isn’t it wonderful!


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