B.old, antica barberia 67


87010 Rota Greca CS, Italia

B.old, ancient Barbary 67.

The renewed art of the barber. New line of products for beard and hair directly from the ancient barbershop 67 in Cosenza.

Hair and beard care is sacred. It is from the Egyptian period that those who took care of the cut and shaving assumed positions of great importance alongside pharaohs and emperors. Today they are defined as barber shops but the story is long, it is a new era of prestige and trend, between the tradition of the past and the modernity of the present.

This important aspect of the barber is highlighted by the choice of the name: B.old, bold as a typeface, with a thick, evident and easily legible stroke.

The background colors are also bold, shaded from 100% black to 40% black. It is a typical plot of the cosmetics / barber sector precisely because the target is very broad.

The quality of the products, composed of natural ingredients, with a delicate scent, with a soft and delicate texture, together with this clean and essential packaging – as I like it – have immediately positioned these products well on the market.

For the moment they are only sold offline, in the salon, but we are planning to sell them online.

Nothing more beautiful, do you agree?



87010 Rota Greca CS, Italia
Designer: QIQA
Orrico Style