The project is dedicated to the packaging of caring cosmetics for the face. This product category is very competitive and includes products such as face masks, patches and other products to rebuild the skin barrier. BEAUTYCHAT is a beauty brand for today’s young women who are faced with a variety of life situations that their facial skin demands.

In fact, such problems can be associated with active social life in a large city, for example, night meetings or stressful situations at school, at work or in personal life. All the problems that we most often share with our best friends over a cup of coffee, but more often in personal chats on social networks. My task was to create an up-to-date, friendly and young brand. BEAUTYCHAT – the best friend brand, with whom you can always share problems and get good advice.

The visual metaphor is a chat on a social network of two friends, one of whom shares his problems, and the other advises to distract himself and take care of his skin health. Communication, as is customary with best friends, is based on emoticons and voice messages. The brand makes the consumer appear in the home web space and feel the warmth of friendship.

The white background demonstrates the clean composition and eco-friendliness of the packaging, and the color chat design helps differentiate the composition of the product. Simple visual communication allows you to stand out in a given product category and grab the attention of your target audience. We also try to minimize our impact on the global environment by using recyclable materials.