Nectar – is a brand of organic facial massage oil. A unique packaging shape inspired by a drop of precious essential oil. In addition to the standard packaging function, the silicone drop acts as a facial massager. The ergonomic shape allows you to evenly apply the oil along the massage lines, thereby improving the effect of the active components of the product and increasing the tone of the facial muscles.

To use, rub 5 drops of oil in the palms of your hands, apply to the center of the face, then use the packaging to distribute the product with massage movements from the center of the face to the periphery.

The concept of the product implies the presence of several SKU, which are differentiated by color depending on the ingredients and the desired result. For example, the rose drop contains tea rose essential oil, which restores the skin barrier.

Nectar is an indispensable product for both beginners in face fitness and professionals in the cosmetics industry.