Designing The Connacht Distillery’s exclusive First Cask and first ever batch of Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Inspired by the wild Atlantic way and spirit of exploration into uncharted waters.

As the most premium expression and Connacht’s first ever Whiskey produced, First Cask embodies the darker, moodier spirit of mystery surrounding both the Atlantic and distilling, with Magpie-like details of warm, amber golds that capture the refined method.

Embossed into the label and wordmark are the dramatic topography and rocky texture of the West-Ireland coast, while clean lines and stark contrast incorporate a more contemporary, international take on Irish Whiskey.

As Connacht’s signature Whiskey, Batch One takes on a lighter, fresher air of provenance to bring the Whiskey back into the natural landscape, embedded into the story & branding of the distillery. Embellished both on the glass and stopper are the distillery’s serpent seal and mark of craft and quality, while the use of different raw materials traces the Whiskey’s patient journey from still, to cask, to bottle.