Simple. Washing Powder For a Single Man

“Simple” is a washing powder for a single man.

The life of a single man is easy and carefree. His home is easily recognizable by the mess and scattered things. He has to cope with all household duties himself, even if he manages to avoid some of them, he can’t do without washing. Sooner or later there comes a moment when the closet is empty and you have to get down to business.

And miracles happen in the washing machine — after washing, not all socks manage to find a pair. This riddle still cannot be solved, and this fact became the basis of the idea in this creative concept when creating the packaging of washing powder.

Three packages are created for different types of underwear and are decorated with hashtags: #looking for a pair for black underwear, #looking for a job for white, and #seeking adventure for color. The package design helps a man figure out which powder to wash his clothes with, and is also filled with humor and uplifting.


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