Notaben Packaging Design Concept

Notaben is a plant-based supplement to improve brain function.

The design is based on a metaphor associated with memory — on a sticky note. The picture of the sticky note has a functional part in the design. It marks a special place on the pill box to write down the instructions on how to take pills correctly. People write down their instructions for use on the top of the package. Sometimes it’s hard to find a place where to do it. One person needs to take one tablet in the morning, another person needs to take four tablets per day. So there can be a lot of packages with pills and each pill should be taken correctly, in the right way. Hence the special mark “your instructions” was created. People can take a pen and write down “One tablet in the evening with a meal”.

Tablets have three options. There are tablets that improve memory, some reduce attention span and start total boosting the brain. The design of products includes different colors. Each sticky note depicted on boxes has different colors. The sticker and the type of product have the same color. It is easy to add
new variants of the product with this design concept. New color, sticker position, and the task is done.

The title of the series is inspired by the Latin expression “Nota Bene”, which means “Pay Attention” in Latin. This name supports the design concept solid and makes a good reference to the type of product. Notaben keeps the mind sharp and memory strong and helps not to forget to do important things.