ASAVO stands for authentic organic natural cosmetics and is manufactured by hand in its own manufactory in the foothills of the German Alps.

In Landsham, Upper Bavaria, ASAVO founder Bettina develops and produces soaps, body butters, body oils and hydrolates. Her goal is not only to use the power of nature but above all to use it in a way that conserves resources. This starts with the development of the recipe, continues with the selection of natural raw materials and the gentle production in their own manufactory, and ends with sustainable packaging.

The claim “Nature on your skin” supports the sustainable concept of the brand: reduced to the essentials in terms of content, with precious, plant-based organic ingredients and without synthetic fragrances or silicones. Quite simply: nature on your skin.

Overall, it was important to me to transfer the sustainable approach and the focus on the essentials equally to the product labels. Each product now has a color that matches its main ingredient. The basic products are all given a uniform beige tone. I deliberately chose soft, natural and light colors to focus on the purity of nature here as well. In addition, the products are numbered consecutively, on the one hand, to underline the artisan character of the own manufacture, on the other hand, to give each product an individual and discreet touch.