Atlantide is a visual and sensory poem, a unique brand with an innovative concept in the wine sector.

We dream of Atlántide with the aim of creating a brand and a differential concept in the world of wine. Inspired by the Ocean, it immerses you in a journey through the Galician waters and its unique landscapes. Through views, touch and taste it becomes a sensory and emotional experience that overwhelms the consumer.

That is why it does not require a label, the bottle speaks for itself.

The result is a unique bottle, an icon, a wine impossible to forget. From the simplicity of its lines, it is capable of creating a complete experience, a wine to remember.

In the technical section we have created an industrial design for this bottle that can be manufactured, respecting market standards in terms of volume and dimensions, allowing its transport and storage, as a closure we have designed a made-to-measure Vinolok closure.



Creative Direction : Jose Vila
Design: Jose Vila
3D Visuals: Carlos L’hévéder