Somek Family Vineyards Brand Design

Annie Selby


To create the unique story behind Somek Family Vineyards, we focused on their symbol of craftsmanship, the wine cellar. For five generations, since 1882, this family has been producing vineyards. This house is the iconic symbol of their history in this land.

In character with the winemaker, the approach was minimalistic, simplistic and definite.  Simply a wonderful family and great wines.

Somek is a small, family winery located in the heart of Zichron Ya’akov

The Winery uses only grapes from the family vineyard, cultivated since 1882.

We at Somek believe “Bika’at Hanadiv Valley” has a unique terroir receptive to the production of wine grapes of exceptional quality.

Each Somek wine you uncork is the end result of a long, enjoyable process where the grapes, sun, soil, winds and rain have come together, guided by meticulous hard work and our sheer love of wine.