Animus is an artisan granola brand, that concentrates on the small magical moments of everyday life while making the link between humans and nature a stronger one. When it came to designing the packaging of their product I chose a simple, practical house shape, but modified its details, to suit the brand’s modern yet feminine features, making curves meet in pointy edges and giving the box a tall, but strong form.

I added a 4 cm diameter window to the dieline, not only for the visual connection to the product but also as a bird feeder’s opening. As the muesli is gone from the box, the customer could simply put a stone into it to weigh down, and give the crumbles to the small birds, therefore having them over for breakfast on your windowsill. As the box is made from paper, the weather will eventually wear it out, but since granola is a product bought maybe every few weeks, it is easily replaceable.

The graphics(and the brand itself) have a violet hue, due to the bird’s tetrachromatic sight, which makes their eyes most sensitive to this colour. The design is based on one of William Morris’, giving the feeling of vines growing on our bird feeder.


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