Planty Plant-Based Milk


Planty is an organic plant-based milk production company founded in the United Kingdom.

Natural / Minimal / Simple / Modern / Bold / Timeless

To achieve the brand’s target for simple design, we came up with a minimal logotype. For a better understanding and the right association, we have also added two emblems. The first emblem is an input, which is a plant, and the second is an output, which is a drop of milk, explains that natural ingredients are used to create this milk.

As for the colour palette, we selected soft pastel tones to give an effect of minimalism and simplicity. Each colour is purposely chosen for a specific milk flavour.

The packaging we created has a minimal design and a memorable layout. Each milk flavour’s name has been highlighted in cursive font. On the front and side of the packaging, we highlighted the main information with drops and tables. We have also created a gradient at the sides of the packaging for a more attractive and eye-catching view.