Ceremone is a brand that provides solutions to digestive issues and cleanses the body from the inside, which leads to improvement in skin, weight, and brain health.

Minimal / Simple / Timeless / Prestigious / Meaningful

We have selected a simple sans serif font to represent the real tea and meditation ceremonies’ minimalism in Tibet. Considering the name and connection to the Tibet ceremonies, we have created an emblem, a logo highlight similar to the meditation plate. For the colour palette, we decided to pick tones that have a calming effect on the viewers. These colours are soft blue, green, and brown tones that remind us of the colours of the clay in nature. As a contrast colour, we selected a rich black shade that creates an impressive and luxurious combination with the soft colours. The product has both jar and box packaging. The box packaging consists of the champaign and rich black colours, including a blue coloured label. The jar packaging design includes a minimal label with a black sticker on it and a simple layout with the main information in it.