Caffeinication is one of the most followed internet baristas, who doesn’t simply make coffee, but creates art. They create the most delicious and mesmerising recipes on their TikTok page and have their own line of beverage glassware.

E-commerce / Coffee / Art / Earthy / Unique / Touching

For the visual identity and colour palette, we selected earthy, coffee creams, espresso and filtered coffee shades. As for the logotype, we came up with 2 different typographies for the “caffe” and “inication”. Both of the fonts are classy and give a timeless look and feel. As for the emblem, we created it in a minimal but comprehensive way. It has a coffee bean shape and, at the same time, it means the first letter of the logotype “C”.

We created an entertaining logo animation, transiting from emblem to logotype, creating a luxurious feel. The packaging design is made simple and minimal with splendid sticker designs and an espresso-coloured background. For the packaging design, we came up with a brands frappe texture background and a minimal and prestigious layout.