SPY IT is a line of sprays and powders for odor elimination, room disinfection and litter box training. ​​ The concept is a “cunning cat — a hooligan”, which hides from the owner in the dark, but glowing eyes give it away and now it has already been noticed and caught at the scene of the tricks.

Interestingly, in the dark, cats’ eyes really glow when light hits them. Such a visual image helped to convey the feeling that a person experiences when using a flashlight he finds a cat in the dark. The associations became the basis for the creation of a line of products, which includes 3 SKUs: Odor, marks and stains eliminator spray; Powder disinfectant for cleaning with 6 sachets in a box; Spray antigadin.

It is enough to spray the liquidator spray and the antigadin spray in the right place, the disinfectant powder dissolves in water, after which you can wash any surface.

There is a problem — people confuse pet products and home cleaning products. The new idea solves this problem, as it is now impossible to confuse pet products with household products, because the packaging clearly signals that the product is intended for cleaning up after cats.

Also, each product from the line is well identified, and if a person often buys the same product, then he can make a choice much faster.

Means difference indicator: different color of eyes and signatures. Spray liquidator of smell, marks and stains — yellow, powder disinfectant for cleaning — orange and antigadin spray — blue.

This helps to quickly find out what remedy a person needs in a given situation. Also, packaging stand out well among competitors on store shelves. Glowing eyes on the store shelf — that’s what you need!