Jolly Ice Cream
Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Jolly Ice Cream is a new startup that aims to introduce the healthier and low-calories ice cream to ice cream lover. Starting with the idea of enjoying the ice cream guiltless, the visual identity is designed with the concept of “We Deserve More Than One Scoop” to deliver the double happiness and joyfulness to everyone!

With the creation of mascot family and delightful colour vibrancy in its visual identity, we hope to introduce the brand experience and story with positive vibes, communicate with customers more closely and interactively.

Client   |   Jolly Ice Cream
Packaging Design   |   Epikinono Studio
Product Photography   |   the flatlay studio


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Designer: Soon Cai Ling
Designer : Kin Yap
Designer : Yimin Heng
Jolly Ice Cream