603 Tau Sar Piah is a family-owned bakery for over 20 years in Singapore, cherished for its traditional pastries like Tau Sar Piah and delicate sweet treats. With each bite, they offer you a taste of heritage, lovingly handmade. In order to cater to the aesthetics of the younger generation, we have designed a packaging design for 603 Tau Sar Piah that is full of joy and happiness.

A gift box that suits all types of Chinese festive occasions. Every Chinese festive occasion requires a joyful and jubilant atmosphere, the box is designed in red to reflect happiness and joy and gathered every single happy and good intention Chinese element in the design, which is formed by the circle shapes like Tau Sar Piah. To achieve the gift box’s purpose of celebrating all kinds of Chinese festive celebrations, we created different sticker labels to decorate the gift box without changing the entire box design.

Client   |   603 Tau Sar Piah
Packaging Design   |   Epikinono Studio
Product Photography   |   Daniel Ooi