Agency: Epikinono Studio
Designer: Kin Yap
Designer: Yimin Heng
Designer: Cai Ling
Photographer: TW Freeman
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Rén Gifts
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Gift Box
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Rigid Box
Printing Process: Gold Stamping, Deboss

Rén Gifts is an Australian specialty gifting company that helps executives to create the customising meaningful gifts for Chinese clients, colleagues, friends and business partners with the mission: Make finding & giving thoughtful gifts, simple. So no matter where you are or how busy life gets, you can celebrate life’s special moments and show gratitude with beautiful gifts, delivered to your loved ones’ doorstep from Australia to China.

We work closely with Rén Gifts team on the brief of the project, which is to bring Australia essence to China, with a warm yet classy design. In term to deliver the brand story about connecting people and build meaningful relationship across borders, we designed the brand identity and packaging design for Rén Gifts with elegant colour tones combined with delicate Australian iconic element illustration like kangaroo, koala, desert, golden wattle, Sydney Opera House, etc. We hope to let the recipient enjoy the exciting experience of unboxing the sincerity of the sender all the way from Australia to China.

There is a Chinese character directly translate into English on the brand name. The character Rén 仁: person (rén, 人) on the left and two (ér, 二) on the right. The logo design inspired by the humanity and the sincerity of Rén Gifts, embodying the idea that a person cannot exist alone; they can only exist in unity with others. The character ‘R’ and ‘仁’ are creatively hide on the gift box as the logo mark of the brand, giving a feeling of the special gift box that specially custom made for you.

What’s Unique?
The hidden illustration in embossing effect on the business card makes the card look corporate yet remain the signature of the brand.

The exquisite and gold stamping illustration with hand written message on the gift card carries the blessings for the senders across the mountains and the sea to the recipients.