Agency: Epikinono Studio
Designer: Kin Yap
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Saintail Resource
Product Launch Location: Malaysia
Packaging Contents: Pet products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle with Label
Printing Process: Synthetic Sticker Printing

Saintail is a pet product brand based in Malaysia that focuses on designing good quality and pet-friendly formulas that improve pet well-being. Their new product Pet Shield series is specially formulated with coconut, eucalyptus, aloe vera and tearless natural ingredients to gently clean and protect pets sensitive skin and coat.

Epikinono worked with the Saintail team to design a brand new packaging design and identity for Pet’s Shield that helps it stand out in the category. The program encompasses the identity of the product series and also the packaging design. To meet Saintail´s aspirations, the packaging design for Pet’s shield series is designed to entice young customers outside of the company’s traditional customer base with a simple, youthful and cheerful design direction, and they also hope the design can deliver a happy vibe and the love for pets.

The illustration on the packaging design inspired by a happy and comfortable atmosphere when pets are enjoying their bath time. Using the illustration of the pet sitting in the bathtub that looks relaxing and enjoying their great bath time happily, it created and delivered the happy vibe and pets friend appearance to promise the product is good and safe to use.

What’s Unique?
The products appear in a variety of colours for different flavours and functions. Epikinono also created two different illustrations of pets to categories the different types of products in the Pet’s Shield series: an elegant poodle and a little chubby Persian cat. Some shining and blinking illustration graphic elements like stars and bubbles are added to present the feeling of pleasure and cuteness. The irregular shapes on the background with bold coral and yellow fill the illustration partially and slightly misplaced, to make the design look more casual and eye-catching in the store window or online store by bright and colour scheme.