Quilmes beer – World Cup Edition Qatar 2022

Emi Renzi

Design and illustration for Quilmes beer / World Cup Edition Qatar 2022 🍺🇦🇷

Quilmes, the most emblematic beer in my country: Argentina + Soccer, the most popular sport and one that generates the greatest passion in Argentines. I had the enormous privilege of being chosen to work both worlds together: designing and illustrating the complete line of Quilmes beer for the next World Cup.

The idea or concept revolved around the matches between the 1986 World Cup, where Argentina was champion, and the next 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In the design, a parallelism was created between both World Cup years, in a kind of symmetry where the elements on one side and the other are repeated, marking each coincidence.

It was an incredible process together with people who from the beginning allowed me to create and propose with total freedom and made the entire work journey a real pleasure.


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