Vermouth Corlieri Rosso / Tipo Torino 🍷🇮🇹✨

Emi Renzi

Corlieri is a premium vermouth made with high-quality ingredients, with exclusive batches that come in numbered bottles.

Enzo Corlieri left his own recipe made during his years in Turin, achieving a unique work, which combines the richness of natural sweet wine with carefully selected organic herbs.

When we received the design brief and saw its history, its main attributes and, above all, the quality of the product that was about to be born, we instantly knew that it was the type of design project that we like the most!
The strategy was to create a classic design with Italian heritage, reflecting its unique and premium quality.

It was a beautiful design process that was enjoyed a lot with very professional people who love what they do like me! A special thank you to Ezequiel and Felipe, project leaders, who trusted me to design this tremendous vermouth.


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