El Encanto, vino Tempranillo 🍷 / La Mancha 🇪🇸

Emi Renzi

empranillo wine “El Encanto” is the product of a special selection of red grapes from the Castilla-La Mancha region, in this autonomous community of Spain, which is located in the central part of the Iberian Peninsula, we find the denomination of origin La Mancha, wines from a large wine-producing area that occupies a large part of the provinces of Toledo, Albacete, Cuenca and Ciudad Real.

Its concept has to do with an old and famous story of the Bodega Capitanes, where its tempranillo charmed visitors who came from different regions, buying a large number of bottles or the barrels where it was kept. This irresistible attraction that was generated on the palates of these consumers gave rise to the name “El Encanto” and the illustration on its label, where we see an owl with an imnotic pedulum over one eye and the hand holding the glass (vaso) of Tempranillo wine as a celebration.
The aesthetics and language revive this vintage style of a Spanish still life, with resources and simple executions and made entirely by hand, giving the design in general this closeness and craftsmanship.

The result was satisfactory and perfectly represents the spirit of this wine and winery that does not look for sophisticated resources to show quality, but wants to tell us that it is a close, carefree wine, for all occasions and that is drunk by the glass (vaso).

Tempranillo is the most important red grape for Spanish viticulturists, being also the first in volume of crops (only behind the Airén white variety) and being accepted in practically all the National Denominations of Origin.

This type of grape is a hybrid arising from the combination of the Albillo mayor varieties, a white grape native to La Rioja, and the Benedicto, a red variety native to Aragon and practically extinct today. The name Tempranillo comes from its short maturation cycle compared to the rest of the varieties, since it begins with the end of the last cold days in spring and ends before the first autumn frosts.


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