Good Barrel Distillery partnered with Firstbase to create branding and packaging design for their flagship Indian Spiced Rum – Rock Paper Rum.

The overall concept was developed based on taking a chance and taking the lead!

Brand Story:

Cresting a new wave of nation-builders and world-shapers, there’s a new nation rising. Far from the past, it’s making roads where none exist and becoming a north star to the world. The bold new India is throbbing with life, playing its game to the hilt. From serious and studied strategies to fun and spontaneous swings, it is doing both with a rare confidence, that’s revealing itself, one layer at a time.

Rock Paper Rum, styled after that classic game of taking a chance and taking the lead, is a tribute to these risk-takers that are changing India.
Craft fully made with locally-source sugarcane; an ingredient so native to India that it is the second largest producer in the world. Artfully blended with rare botanicals, this proudly Indian artisanal brand is made in small batches.

The robust bottle stands tall in the shelves with a very bold packaging. The use of deep blue and orange adds to the class. RPR is not a brand that is going to eulogize about its provenance, its history, its master distiller’s vision or a quirky brand myth. It’s a great liquid with straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense personality. It’s disruptive and it’s attitude is bold (#takeachance), playful and punchy. The same reflects in the branding and packaging of the product with colors and the typography used.