Ready-to-Eat Naan Pockets Packaging by Firstbase

Firstbase Media

The vision was to present a traditional Indian product in a way that is more appealing and approachable to a wider audience.

Haldirams Ready-to-Eat Naan Pockets were launched to offer a range of delicious Ready-to-Eat Naan sandwiches that genuinely connects with an Indian as well as a Global taste profile.

Firstbase, based in New Delhi India,  teamed up with Haldiram’s to redesign their range of Frozen Food and RTE products and the results have been very productive and fruitful.

Haldirams has been a pioneer and an industry leader since decades. The brand’s constant and consistent focus towards quality and food innovation has earned humongous trust among consumers all over the globe.

Frozen and Ready-to-Eat shelves are quite cluttered with a wide range of options with brands fighting for a winning shelf throw. We used a white wood base with colors that have a strong yet pleasant appeal and are visible from a freezer. A packaging that does not blend in but rather stands out.

Vibrant colors, mouth-watering product imagery, and attractive typography along with small little details and transparency, seamlessly positioned this brand where it was supposed to be. The lively, bright, and clean colors make the packs pop out from the freezers and stand out on the crowded shelves.

Simply put, our designs not only looked good but got noticed, brought results, and added value.