Rebrand Takes Danish Syrup Brand ‘Bite’ from Follower to Front-Runner

Since 2018, The Syrup Co. has developed and sold high-quality syrups in familiar yet experimental flavours. Enabling bars, cafés and restaurants to make their own delicious lemonades, ice teas and cocktails. Yet with a great product, their brand was still relatively unknown. It’s time to take the stage and be the front-runner.

Scandinavian consumer brand agency Everland helped the Danish company future-proof their brand and business. With a new brand name, brand identity and strategy, The Syrup Co. is ready to push the culinary boundaries. Enter; Bite.

“Our old identity and name limited us. People need to know we’re more than syrup. Everland found our essence, and now the Bite brand works as our guiding light – internally and externally.” – Patrik Drobny, CEO at Bite

Still Playful and Progressive

While the name and design have changed, the founding values are intact. What’s changed is the boost in confidence and ambitions. The new brand highlights Bite’s playful and progressive character. Every single element builds the brand and showcases them as a creative partner rather than a white label supplier.

When taking a closer look at the Bite logo, some of the choices at first seems a bit off, mixing square corners with voluptuous curves. However, that is entirely intentional. It reflects the playfulness and creativity of Bite. The surprising and unexpected experience. It’s a subtle nod to the culinary world of Bite with its eclectic recipes and high standards.

“Bite is about culinary experiences and constantly trying to raise the bar. We distilled Bite into a brand design that reflects their drive, craft and co-creation. It’s perfectly imperfect.  And gives personality and adds a little bite.” – Jonathan Faust, Design Director at Everland

It’s Hip to Be Square

BITE seeks to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible. Transitioning from glass bottles to a bag-in-box solution enabled BITE to achieve just that without compromising on the quality and safety of its syrups. The cardboard boxes make transportation and storage much easier while saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. Bag-in-boxes have a 90% lower carbon footprint compared to glass bottles. On top of that, a bag-in-box, which weighs 7 kg, contains the same amount of syrup as about 100 kilograms of glass bottles. From January to November 2022, BITE saved 1.6 million soft drinks and soda glass bottles using bag-in-boxes instead.

As it is said, “the best way to manage waste is to not create it.”


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