Synnøve Brown Cheese


Synnøve Finden is the story of true Norwegian female entrepreneurship. This young, ambitious lady took a significant chance when she founded a cheese factory in 1928. Almost 100 years later, Synnøve is Norway’s second-biggest quality cheeses and yoghurt producer.

Through the years, Synnøve’s brown cheeses also lost touch with its Norwegian legacy. Assets that are strong consumer drivers in the category. Therefore, Synnøve teamed up with Scandinavian consumer brand agency, Everland, to rejuvenate its two known and beloved brown cheese classics, Gudbrand and Fløtemys.

A strong symbol of a women’s fighting spirit

Brunost is a classic in Norway. Most likely found in parents’ and grandparents’ refrigerators. Synnøve’s challenge was to keep existing fans while recruiting new ones. The design had to express relevance and originality. Everland found the solution in Synnøve’s logo and remarkable history.

Rikke Hatlo, Design Director at Everland, explains, “We wanted to highlight Synnøve’s determination and pioneering spirit. She is a symbol of women’s fighting spirit, so we placed her front and centre on the pack, in the spotlight. In addition, we used colours and wood carving-inspired illustrations to visualise Synnøve’s Norwegian heritage in a modern way. The result sets Synnøve apart from the competition and emphasises its relevance to consumers.”

“The new design is storytelling at its best. We’ve given the packaging design a make-over that emphasises the core values of Synnøve, our story and craft. Every slice of brown cheese is a slice of Synnøve’s proud history and Norwegian traditions,” adds Cathrine Myrvang, Marketing Director at Scandza, owner of the Synnøve brand.

The new packaging design for Synnøve Finden Gudbrand and Fløtemys is currently out in Norwegian stores.



Design Director: Rikke Hatlo
Design Director & Partner: Mikael Tonning
Linda Li Bergh: Senior Designer