Raw Perfection, a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand from Stockholm, Sweden, known for its sustainable practices and superior quality products, has long empowered consumers to embrace their natural beauty.

The Swedish skincare brand teamed up with Scandinavian consumer brand and design agency Everland on a new brand name, design and communication platform. The result refines Raw Perfection’s ethos into a powerful and cohesive brand identity, invoking the simple yet profound message: “You deserve to be comfortable and proud in your own skin”.

“I believe we are bringing something new to a category that has seen it all,” CEO and founder of Raw Perfection, Peter Ternström, comments. “For a long time, I couldn’t put words to the feeling, the ambition, the vision I wanted to create. Everland helped me do just that. I loved the process, the thinking, and the bombardment of fresh perspectives.”

The new brand name – Raw Perfection – encapsulates the essence of this vision, highlighting the power and beauty of raw authenticity. Inspired by wild nature, untouched and untamed, the brand advocates for a refreshing view of beauty beyond the photoshopped images of pure perfection.

“The design concept for Raw Perfection celebrates natural beauty with all its imperfections. Honest and powerful, we celebrate all stages of life. How it ought to be,” adds Carl Johan Larsson, Creative Director and partner at Everland.

Nature’s simplicity and authenticity inspired the complete brand overhaul. The agency brought rough illustrations referencing the nature around Stockholm, the skerries. The packaging materials are textured, encouraging tactile experiences. Finally, the minimalistic typographical compositions underline nature’s simplistic approach, where nothing is redundant. The transformation is a testament to the brand’s ethos: less is indeed more when it is pure, proud, and powerful.