Bellman Highlights Their Character with a Rebrand

The beloved Swedish beer Bellman is back with a fresh look, emphasising its origin and character. Scandinavian design agency Everland helped Carlsberg Sweden with a redesign that shares a poem of quality.

“Double beer brings good mood”, the famous Swedish poet Carl Bellman wrote in one of his epistles. As a tribute, the strong pilsner beer Bellmann is guaranteed to create a warm and friendly atmosphere at every serving.

Scandinavian boutique agency Everland worked with Carlsberg on a rejuvenated design that dials up the character, reflecting the craft and care that goes into one of Sweden’s most classic beers.

Small Tweaks. Big Impact

The revised design builds the product brand through clear and impactful communication. Design elements are refined, amplified, and added to give more character. And the poem on the back label tells the product’s original story.

“We emphasised the craft and character of the brand. The logotype was redesigned for better stand-out and beautiful use of space, combining the two L’s,” explains Carl Larsson, Creative Director & Partner at Everland. “Also, the portrait of Bellman was updated and enriched with more details to reflect the beer’s muse better, so to speak.”


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