Swedish skincare company ‘Urban Kind’ brings superior skincare to urban warriors. Together with Scandinavian consumer brand and design agency EVERLAND, the new brand targets urban life in major cities.

Smog, alcohol, sun, changing moisture levels, stress and screen radiation. Our skin is under constant siege, especially in busy cities worldwide. In response, Swedish skincare company Urban Kind serves as a protective shield.

“In today’s globalised world, our branding needs to speak to every citizen in a major city,” Peter Ternström, CEO and Founder of Urban Kind, adds. “Our new brand identity is elegant, shiny and beautiful. It truly reflects our ambition and vision. Now, it’s time to take the shield to cities all over the world.”

Graceful Guidance and Guardianship

“Urban Kind is by urban people for urban people. The new brand reflects democratic values, self-care, and natural aesthetics,” Carl Johan Larsson, Exec. Creative Director & Partner at EVERLAND, adds. “We centred the visual concept around ‘protection’, reflecting it elegantly and minimalistic, resonating with Urban Kind’s Nordic ancestry in a universal urban way.”

The newly designed packaging showcases an edgy, posh look, illustrating a significant transformation in Urban Kind’s brand image. The handwritten elements on the packaging add an emotional touch, emphasising the personal connection between the brand and its loyal users.

Urban Kind’s rebranding also emphasises the importance of self-care rituals, represented by intuitive symbols on the packaging to guide consumers through a wholesome skincare routine. This nod to the importance of self-care rituals is reflected in the company’s transition from a clinical to a more natural approach, aligning self-care with independence.