Belarus Minsk

In difficult times, people wish for something soulful and cozy. ARMBRAND studio has created such for BULBASH LIMITED EDITION 2023 such an image.

The design concept consists of two parts that interact with each other. Bulbash’s traditional circle has become a snowball (a popular souvenir symbol of Christmas and New Year), and snowflakes are pouring down from it on the background illustration. On the back of the counter label, there’s a snow-covered landscape and a welcoming house with warm light in the windows, making a wish to get there. The golden moon as a glare on a ball is an archetypal image of a winter fairy tale. The dynamic composition changes during the moving along the shelf, attracting the customer’s attention.

The resulting image, which has become a foretelling of a snowy winter, will help create a festive mood on the table.