Kankel Mucílago, the purity of cocoa


Our challenge: We wanted the consumer to understand what we were proposing at first glance: We found the solution by abstracting and synthesizing every accessory element, pointing to the essence and rawness of the cocoa pod itself. It is unusual to see the mucilage in this way so we place it in the foreground as the absolute protagonist of the packaging. Self-explanatory, it is understood without the need for any speech, the total abstraction that clearly synthesizes in an evident way what the cob contains. We conceptually transmit in a tablet the purity of the mucilage, 100×100 cocoa, without artifice. We reinforce this perception with the appropriate selection of supports and techniques. This development requires a deep understanding of how cotton paper can provide an additional layer of information and establish the concept, a collective effort of creativity in the design and craft of the printer.