Uncommon Wines by Kenny Aronoff


Aveiro, Lisbon, New York, Napa Valley

We broke the boundaries of design and innovation with a new and sustainable packaging project for Uncommon Wines by Kenny Aronoff.

A brand-new concept in packaging that started with the individual who the packaging was being created for, the uncommon and exceptional, Kenny Aranoff, an iconic celebrity drummer considered one of the top 100 in the world, by Rolling Stone Magazine.

M&A Creative Agency was able to capture and fully express the true personality/essence of the “Celebrity“ behind the wine.

This wine was made by the iconic and world-famous drummer, whose uncommon and successful journey in the music industry and as a celebrity drummer has brought him to us, entrusting us with the branding, naming, and packaging design of his new Celebrity Wine.

A truly genius design possessing an ethereal and timeless beauty surrounded by mystery that makes the consumer stop, think, look, and want to own a bottle of Uncommon Wines. Keeping sustainability in mind, the packaging is 100% recyclable, the stunning medallion can be removed after finishing the wine and it turns into a keychain after (the chain is attached to the tags on the neck), or a kneck cord.

The luxurious antiqued gold medallion’s delicate lattice work embodies Kenny Aranoff’s celebrity persona, the sunglasses that are his “Signature”, are front and center of the design, his drumsticks that never leave his hands sit above the sunglasses.

The tags on the neck of the bottle tell us his story, the passion in his life and in the making of Uncommon Wines; it holds the keychain that can be attached to the medallion once the wine is finished by its lucky owner.

This design celebrates Kenny’s career in the music industry, it says Rock and Roll and immortalizes him as an icon in the music industry and now in the wine world forever.

This is a “Celebrity Wine” that will be sought after by wine collectors and music lovers for years to come.


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