IDP Direct


This holiday season, EVE LOM provided consumers with an innovative and sustainable way to unwrap their beautiful gifts. Partnering with IDP Direct, they created a patented paper board insert that shipped flat while still locking in each product safely – delivering them seamlessly through both e-commerce channels as well as physical stores. It’s all part of today’s reality: brands striving for omni-channel experiences; offering customers the same great service no matter where they choose to purchase!

The IDP Innovations team took a bold approach to product design, flipping convention by turning inserts upside down. With each insert providing an under-mounted strap to hold the products snugly regardless of their shape and size, the Indonesian factory was filled with prototyping activities; testing different structures and materials for optimal performance & aesthetics. Through this effortless combination between F Flute corrugated structure plus heavy-weight uncoated kraft paper straps adhered via water-based glues – they successfully achieved a revolutionary packaging solution!

The combination of IDP Direct ingenuity and beautiful design created by Creative Director Soo Kim was ultra-embossed and foil stamped to create a dimensional relief that communicated the smoothness of the product as well as the natural folds of the skin. This EVE LOM packaging for the holiday gift set was a smash that resulted in many happy holidays for all.