Via Pitz'e Serra, 86, 09045 Quartu Sant'Elena CA, Italia

Giovani Lattai is a dairy farm recently established. Their production include cheese, ricotta, yogurt and other goat dairy from Sardinia. The branding and packaging design detaches itself from analogues dairy products from Sardinia, dressing the product of a more modern aesthetic inspired to the british football branding. The logo, alligned with some important team brands, it’s the icon and mascotte of the brand. The skittish goat symbolizes the youthful and firsky energy of a newly established brand in an old-fashioned and traditional industry such as the dairy farms in Sardinia.

The color palette has the important role of keeping the product well anchored to its industry and category.

The packaging is characterized by the use of hot stamps that complete the label design; the name of the products, always presented in figures – 1970 in this particular case – refers to the minutes of maturation of the cheese, and at the same time recalls a sensation of heritage from older times. To complete the packaging set a sealing wax stamp seals elegantly the product, keeping at the same time firm together the string and the label’s paper.