Via Pitz'e Serra, 86, 09045 Quartu Sant'Elena CA, Italia

Cantina Pippia is a small local winery located in Sardinia, an island in southern Italy.

The Vernaccia is a native variety of wine that grows on the island, throughout the years this product has lost its cultural popularity in its native land.

Our packaging design aims to give an industrial / folk character to the bottle that can elevate the product inside the natural wine field.

The strong typographic element, the color palette, and the rough paper, all convey a “down to earth” taste to the product identity.

The aged Vernaccia (with the light cream label) is a premium product of Pippia’s winery, thus, we enriched the label with an embossed foil finish that enhances the elegance without forgetting the industrial / folk aesthetic of this variety of wine.

Being a short and limited production, each label has to be hand-filled, and signed by the operator, certifying the personal care taken on each of the bottles.


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