Via Pitz'e Serra, 86, 09045 Quartu Sant'Elena CA, Italia

Balente’s beard line of products is a PREMIUM set of cosmetics for men. The three references are Oil, Balm, and Detergent.

The packaging has been designed with the specific intention of increasing the perceived product’s value, but still remaining faithful to the brand Balente and his target, markedly manly. To do that we chose luxury packaging with fine, deep black paper, a three-color serigraph, and the UV-printed brand pattern.

The project for this packaging aims to get the client to interact and get engaged with the product, peeking through the opening in the front face of the box with the possibility to grab the dispenser in order to rotate the bottle and observe the whole label.

Curator’s Insight

They’ve got this super cool UV-printed brand pattern that’s like a secret code waiting to be cracked! It’s like having your very own decoder ring for your grooming routine. Who knew beard care could be this fun?