Via Pitz'e Serra, 86, 09045 Quartu Sant'Elena CA, Italia

Otto Passi is a family farm that raises ovines and produces dairy products. It is located in the heart of Sardinia, a southern Italian island. Otto Passi is family, animal wellness, natural dairy products and innovation.

The cheese mold deposits on the rind of the Pecorino cheese during the maturing phase – it is a key element who provides the cheese taste and character. Although, during the last phase of the processing it’s usually taken off for aesthetic and hygienic reasons.

We wanted to stress its primal role through the packaging, by so, we created a contrast between the visual elegance of the labels and the crude and rough nature of the cheese mold.

For the labels we chose a high quality coated paper for food use; their design stands out for its octagonal shape and for the use of a strong typographical component, using beautiful and elegant serif fonts.

To communicate the maturing of each reference, we used a finishing made with hot pressed foil, each product with a different color.

To seal the close relationship between the product and the farm, we chose to use the wool of their sheep to create the wool string attached as a finishing element.