Areste confitures and marmelades


Via Pitz'e Serra, 86, 09045 Quartu Sant'Elena CA, Italia

Areste is a small agricultural company with one specific mission: reconnecting with the earth and nature and making products in harmony with their surroundings. The owners relocated to Sardinia, a southern island located in Italy, building a solid reality made with processes well integrated with the natural cycle of the seasons and the Sardinian climate.

In order to convey the handmade essence of the brand, we designed a visual identity characterized by hand-drawn illustrations and soft, playful palettes. The logo is the perfect mediator between the naif aesthetic of the illustrations and the strict rigor and composure of the Helvetica typeface, balanced by wide white spaces around it.

The design of a strong and coherent visual identity allowed us to keep consistency between a wide variety of products, since there are actually more than 50 different items on Areste’s catalog, including jams, marmalades, confitures, honey, natural cosmetics, etc.

More in-depth, we decided to add an identity and cultural reference to the packaging, using a natural yarn made entirely from local sheep wool and dyed only with natural pigments. This colorful and tactile feature helps identify the flavor of each product.