I was inspired to create the logo by the traditional image of an Armenian woman who carries a jar on her head. Why, because this is a restaurant in Artsakh where Armenian cuisine is served, so I tried to convey the Armenian culture with the image of this Armenian woman. While designing the font, I was inspired by the flag of Artsakh, where the restaurant is located, as well as the Armenian fortress. Using it, I got a pattern to use in the design of the pizza packaging, which has a clear harmony with my design.

We can see the famous symbol of Artsakh on the pizza box, I used this statue to keep the whole theme and try to develop it. Also, the illustration of the pizza in front creates the illusion that this statue looks like it is eating pizza. This is slightly humorous but done in a discreet way. In this way, we also show that the pizza is prepared in Artsakh.

Client : Karas Tavern

Graphic Designer: Grigor Mnoyan