Watermark Design

Charlottesville, VA, USA

Saints & Scholars, an 18-year-old Single Malt Irish Whiskey distilled by Noel Sweeney, joins the ever-growing High N’ Wicked family. For this project Watermark’s job was two-fold: maintain brand continuity with the previous High N’ Wicked releases, but elevate this package to match the one-of-a-kind liquid inside. A custom-made box holds the elegant bottle and gives the consumer a special moment in time as they open the layered story behind Saints & Scholars.

Elevation began with selection of a tapered bottle to stand apart from the foundational mainline bottles. This beautiful bottle is then laid into a gold-backed inset inside the custom-wrapped box. A beautiful copper ribbon, evoking the Irish flag, helps you extract the package to imbibe and enjoy this distinctive offering.

Upon opening the box, the story begins on the left with the Irish coastline visualizing where the liquid originated. To the right of the map, details about the liquid are offered in gold foil. Below this, a card is inserted to share the details unique to the 5 barrels featured in this release.

To provide a hint at what is inside, the front of the box features the bottle label foiled and embossed in golds and coppers, as the $500 package would likely be sold sealed. Minimal details provide just enough information to the consumer while not overcomplicating the elegant nature of the bottle inside.

On the Saints & Scholars pewter neck label, a monogram specific to this release was designed to signify its elite placement within the High N’ Wicked lineup of products. A custom engraved bar top completes the package with its graphic and tactile character.

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